Monday, October 16, 2023

Weekend Update 10/16/23

Just because I called it for the season doesn't mean I'm done. 
Always something to do.
Just because I'm not going out to the Pumpkin Patch until next spring doesn't mean I'm not keeping busy. 
Always crafting. 
Just because my trees outside are settling in for their winter nap doesn't mean I've got nothing to do. 
Always changing of the season.
With that in mind, here are some pictures from the craft room. 
Crescent shape/freeform pots, large size is my emphasis. Well, large for me. I've got a bunch of trees outside that will need pots in the spring. I don't know how much clay I have left, but I plan to exhaust my supply of clay this winter! I do plan to do other things of course. :)
Level 2 of my tropicals' winter quarters. They've been hard pruned and awaiting new foliage for next year. Yes, those are stumpy money trees! Yes, that's a Thai chili pepper that I plan to 'bonchi'. 

Level 3 of my tropicals' winter quarters. Mostly scheffleras here, with some ficus tossed in (f. religiosa and f. microcarpa). You can see the hard pruning on some trees. Moss grows everywhere here. As does the occasional hitchhiker, such as garden centipedes or slugs.

Top level of my tropicals' winter quarters. Here sits my F. microcarpa mother tree. You can see some schefflera cuttings I saved during the hard pruning. Hopefully, some will make it. 

Level 1 of my tropicals' winter quarters. The lowest level. Most of this level is taken up by Aaron's succulents/cactus. I use part of this are to grow some sedums as well. 

The last picture I have is a close-up of a hard-pruned schefflera. You can see where I've hard-pruned it time and again. Yes, this is one that I converted from Walmart garden center material a few years ago. 

So there it is. That's what's going on at the ole homestead. 
All for now.

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