Saturday, October 7, 2023

Random Pictures From the Pumpkin Patch 2023

 For no particular reason, this post is just random pictures taken at the Pumpkin Patch. 

Let's just skip to the pictures, followed with a small description!

Kusamono sedum in crescent pot with companion driftwood. I like the overall composition. I like how the sedum spills out over the pot, almost hiding the pot. The driftwood adds a bit of texture and interest.


Pinecone Derpy fish. I enjoy making goofy looking fish. The scales on this one stick out, looking kind of like a pinecone.


Derpy Fish. Another example of the buggy-eyed derpy fish I make. This one features tentacles on its sides.


One of our happy customers with her recent score of goblin plushy.


One never knows what I might bring to the Pumpkin Patch. Here I have a few handmade macrame pot hangers. What else might I have? Who knows!

Great early season shot! A lot of great pieces here that have since sold.

Small pots with airplants. Arguably my favorite pieces to make. allows me to explore shapes and ideas that are floating in my head in miniature.

Early season shot of my set up at the Pumpkin Patch. This was my 'FORGOT DAY'. Forgot my table cloths. Forgot the plushies. Forgot the jewelry. Forgot my glasses. Forgot my flip flops. Forgot the hammer for the canopy stakes... Good times!

So there you have it. Some highlight pictures of the Pumpkin Patch. Kind of a 2023 Yearbook.

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