Thursday, September 7, 2023

Pre-Weekend Update 9/7/23

 I'm planning on going to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend. Honestly, I should just stay home. It's starting to suck. It's just how it is: school is back in, things are starting to slow down, and winter will be here soon. 

Make no mistake, winter is coming. The temporary solution of putting the trees I just got in grow bags and tossing them in the yard is catching up to me. Morning glory is strangling my trees, the weeds are growing, and I can't access the trees to pull the weeds. I have to do something! Bernadette and I formulated a plan.

Erin grabbed me a few pallets. I picked up some cinder blocks from Home Depot. When I got home, we (loudly) discussed the best place to add a few pallets. Once that was decided, we set up the cinder blocks and pallets to create raised growing benches. I've moved everything onto the pallets. I plan to pick up some nursery pots over the weekend and pot the trees. 

Let's talk about the trees I recently bought. 

I got a chance to look closely at the crabapples as I shuffled them around. I've mentioned before that not all of them look like they're thriving, and that part is still true. However, I think (I hope) I overestimated how many I may lose due to digging them up in mid-summer. For the most part, they seem to be doing to be okay, with minimal loss. 

There are four ginkgos in my care. They don't look too hot. The leaves are yellow. However, I think they'll likely survive. Wish I had something better to say about the ginkgos.

I have mugo pines and Japanese black pines. They're all doing quite well.  Seems they handled the move well enough. The mugos especially! I might even be able to sell some next year. 

The Japanese maples have some leaf scorch, but other than that, I think they'll be fine. I'll start some air layers early next year. I'll also work on reducing their branches and creating good bonsai. 

The dwarf blueberries look quite healthy! I still haven't gotten a chance to look at the trunks or nebari. With everything going on, my emphasis has been elsewhere. 

The Fuji cherries.... oh boy! They're not only surviving but putting on some new growth.  Really excited to see what these guys give me in the future. I'm thinking air layers. I'm thinking multiple Fuji cherry bonsai. My head swims with the possibilities. I have two Fuji cherries in 5 gallon buckets. The one with only low growth looks like it put on new growth. The other with taller growth looks like most of the taller branches are dead. The new growth on this one is mostly/all on the shorter branches. I may have to cut this back quite a bit. I still think it was a great deal.

The chojubai have put on new growth! I wasn't expecting new growth. In fact, they look healthier with each passing day. It appears I don't know my asshole from a hole in the ground when it comes to chojubai, because they look pretty damned good. I was so concerned that they wouldn't do so good. I have so much to learn with the chojubai!

Anyways, that's all I have for now.

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