Monday, September 11, 2023

9/11/23 Weekend Update

 I was at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. Things were slow. It's expected. I was able to pick up the nursery pots on Sunday, but it was way too late to start potting up trees. I will be skipping the Pumpkin Patch next Saturday. There's a circus coming to town and Bernadette wants to go. She's off on Saturday and I want to spend time with her. 

I brought along a couple plants in nursery containers: a mugo pine and a crab apple. I had all day basically to look at the mugo pine. I worked on it a bit at a time. Picked off some branches. Cleaned up some soil. Adjust the wiring on branches. I think next time I go out, I'll bring some more unpotted trees and work on them. You never know, someone may want an unpotted bonsai tree. 

Not going to the Pumpkin Patch every Saturday does give me a bit more time to enjoy my trees. Also gives me more time to think about the coming fall. It's getting towards the end of the season. My plants and trees are starting to settle down. They know winter is coming and they are getting ready to shut down for the season. Soon the leaves will turn; Autumn is right right the corner. The guy I got the nursery pots from on Sunday seemed to know a thing about growing apple trees. He mentioned that now is the time to repot apples. I mentioned to him that I had to move my crabs out of their growing beds in July. He understood that July is the worst time to repot trees, but right about NOW is repotting season. I don't know if I fully trust this, but it's good to know that some folks repot at this time. 

Tuesday update: I managed to pot up about half of the crab apples. As a whole, they look good, though I'm likely to lose a few. I repotted the four ginkgos as well as the two Japanese black pines and the mugo pine. The mugo pine looks especially good! I may end up taking it to the Pumpkin Patch as is.  

That's all I have for now. If you'll excuse me, I have some rocks that need kicking.

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