Monday, September 25, 2023

9/25/23 Shutting It Down Until 2024

 The weather was shit, so I decided not to do the Pumpkin Patch. Again.

That's it then, I'm calling it: I'm shutting it down until next spring. Sales have been down. I have not had the time to really enjoy my trees. Weather is starting to turn so I have to bring in my tropicals. I'll need to put some supplies in storage and clean up the old growing areas. Time to put the Pumpkin Patch stuff away until next season. 

I started off by moving all my Pumpkin Patch supplies out of the craft room and into storage. 

Next, I struck down the outdoor tropical growing area and cleaned it all up. 

Finally, I set up my indoor tropical growing area in the craft room. 

This will make it more difficult to do pottery in the craft room. I may take a breather away from pottery for a little while. Doubtful though. I have a bunch of trees outside that are looking to be potted up. With Halloween and the holidays coming, fall will turn to winter quickly. New Year's Eve will be here before I realize it. 

My final glazing for the year will be fired 9/28. I'll have a few pots to pick up soon. Once I have that, I can re-assess what pottery I will need to work on over the winter. 

All for now.

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