Friday, June 27, 2008

Desert Rose seeds are growing

Check the date, check the time. It's Sunday morning, 10:30 am.
I was up until 2am this morning messing with clay. Actually, I was applying glazes to a bunch of pieces. Something like 36 pieces came out of Mishy's kiln for me, so I had lots to do. There's still seven pieces that I need to glaze. Got up this morning and did my rounds. Dogs and cat are okay. Looks like there was a disruption to the Angelfish breeding trio, one of the smaller angels is picking on the smaller female. Thing is, I don't know which is which. I'll have to do some more observations. I checked some of the clay impressions I did yesterday. The shell impressions look good. The roller impressions look good. The bead roller's impression looks like corn on the cob. Not too thrilled about having made a corn roller (WTH?). I remembered the desert rose seedlings. Bernie noticed some brown spots on Friday, so I sprinkled some cinamon on top. I had put them in a covered Jiffy nursery seed starting thing, you find them at Home Depot for about $5. I added a little extra water on Friday, I thought the whole thing felt sort of light. Look in on them this morning and I noticed a number of seedlings breaking through. It's hard to count how many, but I'd say at least 15.
I did some more wiring on my pomegranate seedlings. They're looking good. I'm going to keep my eyes on pomegranates at the market. Definitely worth growing from seed!

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