Friday, June 27, 2008

Desert Rose and pots

So I ordered some Adenium obesum seeds from e-bay. That's a desert rose to you and me. You should google an image of it, it's cool. I paid $12 for a shit little pack of 100. Yes, that was pricey. But there's supply and there's demand. Meaning not too many people out there supplying Adenium obesum seeds, so you take what you can get and you fight for it. If I sound a bit irritated that I got rooked on a pack of friggin seeds, you're right. But it's 114f today, and the seeds are dry and look like crap. The seller I bought them from didn't include any growing instructions, so I might be out the 12 bucks I paid for these seeds. Who knows though... I might get lucky and these might actually grow. I placed the seeds in some pearlite, watered, covered and I'm waiting.
I've also started making my own bonsai pots. They're really cool. I don't have any pictures. YET.
I also have some pomegranates, some japanese black pine, crabapple, and trident maple growing from seed. I also have a bunch of ficus retusa cuttings that I started. What else... I bought some lil bougainvilleas and other stuff from various sources. I'm just looking to see what does and does not grow well.
That's it for now.

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